Hello dreamers!
We are spreading the beauty of human nature through whimsical, charming art inspired by cultures around the world. We want people to see the magic of many cultures in the way only animation can do. The Sleepy Gallows Studio will make shows and shorts to give children of color heroes that look like them. Heroes their people have had all along. And to do so in such a way that even adults will be captivated and awed by how much magic is still on earth. We want to broaden what our ideas of a fairytale can be.
If you’re still reading this, you may be wondering who we are.
We are Sisters by blood in sister fields: Animation and Illustration! We both went to California College of the Arts for our BFAs. Brittney, the animator, is the older sister and manages most of the social media and makes animated music videos for fun. Crystal, the illustrator, paints all the backgrounds, wrote PLH, and loves making and reading manga. We both obviously love art, but we have big goals for our (currently) small studio.
We want to stay in realm of whimsy and bring native American, African, African American, and Indian (from India) mythology, legends, and triumphs to western film and animation in ways we haven’t seen before. We really love fairytales/mythology and legends that blur truth and fiction. To tell the untold stories of under represented people. To tell the stories of their gods and legends and victories, that is what the Sleepy Gallows will be known for.
Join us in our first dream, For Peace, Love, and Harmony (PLH), a 13 piece drama in the Magnolia Fairy Ring. Follow the lives of 3 poor fay-folk, Harmony; Love; and Tranquility, tangled in the chaos of the royal family.
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